Relaxation Treatments

When it comes to relaxation, we offer kinesiology and touch therapies, yoga, and massage therapy for general relaxation, sports injuries, and lymph drainage. Combined with the well-known Lillian Terry Homeopathic Aromatherapy blended oils, these treatments target the specific needs of each client.

Massage therapy & reflexology

These treatments target specific client needs, including injury or ailment treatment, using an innately developed product line combined with South African Bach flower remedies, essences and herbs for an experience that will transport you into a space of healing and peace.



For soulful, mental and emotional wellbeing, we offer kinesiology and N.O.T therapies to teach you a variety of tools and techniques that support you when dealing with daily stressors, ailments, “dis-ease”, body imbalances, learning disabilities and the like.
(ASKSA registered)



Yoga is integrated into our programmes as a stress reliever, and the use of Pranayama breathing techniques is frequently utilised throughout our treatments offered. Great for restoring and re-centering your mind and body with a natural, self-healing and soul rejuvenating process. For a more active experience, Angelique offers classes on a Monday and Friday morning at Gurucat Hot Yoga studio in Umhlanga.

Award winning products by Lamelle

We know that the sign of a successful and professional skin care therapist is the products they choose to use. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with a product house that is innovative, continually evolving with the times and needs of patients, a good integrity, professionalism and is focused on healing and protecting all skin types whilst offer the best education available – for this we have chosen Lamelle Research Laboratories. 


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