The Lamelle Mela-T® Skin Peel Treatment

Before and after Mela-T Peel.png

What is a Lamelle Mela-T® Peel?

Mela-T® peel, offered at Skin Savvy for intensive peeling from Lamelle, is an exquisite treatment orientated around pigmentation, skin texture, premature aging and uneven skin tone. This particular series of pictures indicates the day of treatment and the seven days progressing up to the incredible after results. For this client, we specifically treated pigmentation, uneven skin tone and texture, pitted scarring and aging lines. 

Peel Indications

The initial treatment is dependent on the clients response and reaction and will be delivered according to each individual skin type, pre-treatment of two Ovelle capsules daily and The Brightening Correctives serum needs to be done for two weeks prior and throughout the duration of treatment, and is ideal to continue ongoing to inhibit new melanocyte production.

Who is it best designed for?

A history of at least four Beta Peels need to be done prior to moving to the more intensive Mela-T® treatment. This is to ensure optimal cell turnover and to ensure that your skin is capable of handling the intensive peeling so as not to create any post inflammatory pigmentation. These results are achieved after just one treatment and the downtime takes only seven days to be completed. The worst days of shedding are generally between day 2 and day 5.

The Mela-T® Peel is ideally suited to skin types one to three. The peel removes the full epidermal layer, and can be done every three months for more intensive pigmentation.  We recommend a homecare maintenance program of intensive pigment suppressing and Growth Factor based ingredients from the Luminesce Range, Ovelle D3 and Brightening Correctives serum. Any pigment remaining after this treatment may be laying more dermally - for this we recommend professional Dermaroller therapy for delivering professional pigment suppressing ingredients. 

What did Cindy think?

“I would suggest to those that work – take at least a few days off from the third day after the treatment until the peeling has stopped, it was well worth every second and it only lasted seven days, I am so thrilled with my results - I will definitely do the peel again until the deeper lying pigment has shed off, and then I’ll begin my Dermaroller therapy! My husband says I look 20 years younger! I am thrilled with the appearance and texture of my skin!”

What did Belinda think?

“Love the plumpness of my skin and could definitely see an improvement and the reduction of fine lines particularly around the eye area. There was also an improvement in the pores particularly on the nose area resulting in less congestion. After peel no. 3, I could feel a tightness in the skin and did experience shedding (an indication of a healthy lipid bilayer). This has been a journey but one that’s had effectiveness on my pigmentation.”

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